Did Pincher Pinch Her ?

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Canary42 | 21:31 Thu 30th Jun 2022 | Jokes
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this was only last night - give him credit for taking responsibility for his actions straightr away rather than ducking, diving and lying.
Maybe Pincher will get pinched his self if the cops get involved.
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I absolutely agree jno, such a nice change to discover an honourable Member of Parliament who admits, apologises and resigns instead of ducking and lying to preserve his position.
Honourable? Are you having a laugh? He goes round groping men.
One of those groped is an MP, and the second one may be a member of parliament too, the source added.

Two male MP's at that, Hopkirk !

Mr Pincher "groped two men in front of others" at the Carlton Club in the St James's area of central London, a government source told Sky News.

Wonder how honourable they think he is.
I wondered which sex
(pincher would say: yes please!) ter daaah !

Club member and so drunk that he started groping other clubbers
I say ! - in public - - - eek !
I mean the Carlton isnt exactly a gay bar....
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OK, OK, he may not be honourable, but his post-offence behaviour was honourable in this example.

Such behaviour is still a welcome change from lies and deception which is the point I was trying to make.
what he did when drunk was wrong (though perhaps we should be cautious about casting the first stone). What he did when sober was honourable. Plenty of sober MPs would not have done as much: I wasn't looking at porn, I was looking at tractors!
Ask the ed to change the OP.
And start reading your own links properly, canary. ;-)

Expect he thought he got away with it, like Biden said to Hunter, but had several urgent messages.
Post offence conduct was honourable! This is second time around for this. First time was brushed under the carpet by his mates
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Chill out folks - I put this under Jokes deliberately.

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Did Pincher Pinch Her ?

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