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Rondy | 16:04 Thu 19th May 2022 | Jokes
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Ollie was sitting in class one day when the teacher asked the class:

"Who destroyed Hadrian's Wall?"

Ollie instantly replied :"It wasn't me miss!"

Teacher said: "Stay behind after class you cheeky young thing you!"

Much later than usual, Ollie gets home and his dad asks him why he's so late home.

"Because" said Ollie "The teacher asked who destroyed Hadrian's Wall and I said that it wasn't me".

Next day, hid dad goes to school to see the teacher.

"Why did you keep my son late after school yesterday?"

"Because" said the teacher "when I asked him who had destroyed Hadrian's Wall he cheekily replied that it wasn't him"

His dad gets angry and says:

"Look here missus, If he say's he didn't do it, then he didn't do it!!!!!"


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I twice found a friend slumped over hadrians wall with an empty whisky bottle in his hand....he's worried his becoming a borderline alcoholic
Doesn't the joke end by the parent complaining to the head teacher who says something on the lines of 'okay I will have a word with the governors and see if we can pay for its repair'

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Ollie In Class

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