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Hopkirk | 07:50 Tue 17th May 2022 | Jokes
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I've been trying to break up with an optician recently. It's really hard.

Every time I say I can't see her any more she moves an inch closer and says "how about now?"


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hope you didn't make a spectacle of yourself x
Keep saying you can't see her anymore, sooner or later a touching moment may occur.
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How many opticians does it take to change a light bulb?
One ... or two? One ... or two?
can your jiokes get any cornea
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After that I'm not going to add you to my contacts.
oh dear so you are going to eyesolate me then (ok i'm going lol )
hope you didn't make a spectacle of yourself

he's always like that when he's had two glasses
Is she called Iris?
Question Author
No, Lydia.
Lydia? You mean 'Speedy Lydia'? Blink and you'll mis her. Wasn't she a pupil of yours?
There's no end in sight to this relationship..

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