Phone Call

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Rondy | 11:35 Wed 27th Apr 2022 | Jokes
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A young mother answers the phone.

"Hello, is that you mum?"

"I'm so glad you rang, I'm having an awful day, the washing machine broke, I've piles of ironing, I need to get the shopping, the house wants cleaning and I can't cope."
"Don't panic, calm down, I'll get the train to town and the two buses to your house, do your ironing, shopping and cleaning whilst you take a nap, then I'll pick up Harry from school."

"Who's Harry"
"Is that 016178138?"

"Sorry, I've got the wrong number."

"Oh no...does that mean you're not coming?"


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There was a similar one many years ago when a Jewish mother (in America)is called by her daughter (she thinks) and promises to come and do all the housework. I can't remember who it was but it was quiet famous.

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Phone Call

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