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maggiebee | 11:25 Mon 25th Apr 2022 | Jokes
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How to Write Big Books by Warren Peace
The Lion Attacked by Claude Yarmoff
The Art of Archery by Beau N. Arrow
Songs for Children by Barbara Blacksheep
Irish Heart Surgery by Angie O'Plasty
Desert Crossing by I. Rhoda Camel
School Truancy by Marcus Absent
I was a Cloakroom Attendant by Mahatma Coate
I Lost my Balance by Eileen Dover and Phil Down
Positive Reinforcement by Wade Ago
Shhhhh by Danielle Soloud
The Phillipine Post Office by Imelda Letter
Stop Arguing by Xavier Breath

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The Arboretum by Theresa Green, a very old title
Italian Fruity Biscuits by Gary Baldy
Erectile Disfunction Solutions by Ivor Biggun
Robots by Anne Droid
Danger by Luke Out
Seabirds by Al Batross
Beekeeping by A.P.Arry
Falling trees by Tim Burr
I Hate the Sun by Gladys Knight
So You find it Funny by
Joe King.
Dodgy Kettle by Willie Boyle
[i] Julian & Sandy [i] by Ben Doon and Phil McCaverty
Cliff Disaster by Eileen Dover
Flood in the bathroom by I.P. Squint
Nail in the banister by R. Stornaway
Only one left by Ivor Nackerov
Missed The Bus by Arfur Mile
Polyorchidism in the former Soviet Union by Oodja Nikabolokov
Diary of a Polish Call Girl by Onya Bakyabich
DNA Store. By Jean Pool
Life of Boris by Callum Nees
Life After Death by Evan Zabov.
Seals' End by Michael Lingtrip
Almond Cream by Fran Gipane
Duck! by Ben Dover
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Diary of a Cannibal by Henrietta Mann.
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Life on the Nudist Colony by Seymour Butts
Rusty Bedsprings by I P Knightly
Ruptured Russian by I Kickabolockov
World's End by Irma Geddon
The French Chef by Sue Fley
Off To Market by Tobias A Pigg
I Live In Blackburn by Helen Earth
Is Boris Guilty by Howard I Know
Droopy Drawers by Lucy Lastic
Helpful Tips On Resignation by Stan Down.
A World of Frustrations by Gordon Bennett.

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