Another Death Notice

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McMouse | 17:54 Sat 01st Jan 2022 | Jokes
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This chap dies and his widow calls the local paper to have a notice published. They ask her what she wants printed. She replies “Cohen Dead”. The tell her the minimum charge of £5 and for that she can have 5 words. She then says “Cohen Dead. Volvo for sale”


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Not funny, not original, but somewhat racist
puzzled54 – can you explain to me, what is racist about the joke.
Can anyone explain to me what is racist about this joke?
( theres always one ).
Puzzled54 seems to see the playing on a stereotype based on a surname is racist.

I just don't find it very funny.
The trope is that Jews are tight with money and not very moved by grief.
So Mrs Cohen’s advert in the paper is just 2 words. When told she can have another 3 words for the same price, she tries to sell a family asset for a profit.
Because jews are tight and money grabbing.

Is that from a Labour Party joke book ?
No, it's actually from Conservative Comic Clips
Thanks for your informative Tweet Canary.
What a strange place AB has become.
Sadly it has, Tony. :-(
I know, gness.
The state of an individual being so "self aware" and "socially aware", that they become completely oblivious to the issue, intention, or objective at hand.

I don't know if there is a generation issue here, but there was a time when jokes like this were commonplace and meant to be quite light-hearted in an observational way rather than insulting. Similarly there were the regular and popular Scotsman/Welshman/Irishman/Englishman jokes.

Cheers, Mcmouse, your post made me quite nostalgic for my youth and happier times :)
You’d not think that, Choux if you’d spent as long as I have listening to or reading “jokes” about the Irish.
Ought to be BA that, choux.
Really, Tony?! Don’t say that when you come to the s
Shebeen! Those really weren’t happier times for some of us.... :-(
Oi missy, you havn't heard the crap that I have had ( in different parts of the country when I have opened my gob ) :-)
Wokeism is a genuine problem when it stifles grown- up debate so as to preserve the fragile snowflakes among us.

Attacking wokeism should not, however, be used to justify random unfunny rehashes of tired and offensive stereotypes
Perhaps the saddest thing of all is that the OP actually thinks that this "joke" [sic] is funny, especially given that McMouse itself implies a racial stereotype.

Would it still have been funny if Cohen had been replaced by Arkwright?

What a strange place AB has become.

1) I have seen jokes repeated here many a time.
2) Humour is subjective. None has to laugh at any OP in this
3) Mrs Cohen should not be presumed to be tight and/or
money grabbing. She might well know the value of money
and want to get the optimum deal for a fixed price.
Mrs Cohen might need the money to pay for the funeral.
4) I expect the Irish can change nations around to suit their
own s.o.h as they already do with their own counties.
5) I trust these points will aid grown-up debate.
6) I have not "attacked" wokeism but merely posted a
definition of it.
7) Not quite a "random" joke as can be seen from the
proceeding one.
8) The OP has been posting since 2009 and, for all I know, may
or may not have Scottish connections. (I am not connected
to Richard Hearne.) What price an AB username?
9) tonyav, I would buy your "gob" a drink any day.

McMouse, keep them coming ;)

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