Love In Later Life

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McMouse | 14:23 Fri 19th Nov 2021 | Jokes
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An elderly widow and widower met, fell in love and married.
In bed on their wedding night he reached across and tenderly held her hand. This continued night after night for several months until one occasion when he reached out she said “do you mind if we give it miss tonight as I’ve go a head ache”


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Reminds me of a Bob Monkhouse joke:

I still enjoy sex at 68. Well I live at number 66 it's no distance.
Another of his gems:

Man comes home from the pub and exclaims to his wife:

"That bloke who lives at No.34, he's just told me he's had sex with every woman in this street except one." His wife replied "Yeh, that will be that stuck-up cow at number 19".

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Love In Later Life

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