Clever Horse

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Rondy | 08:26 Mon 20th Sep 2021 | Jokes
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On the first day of Spring Training, a cricket scout brings a race horse with him to add to the starting line up. The coach asks, "What the heck did you bring that horse here for?"

The scout replies, "Wait until you see him bat."

All the players are laughing, until the horse comes to bat. At this point, the horse grabs the bat and everyone quiets down. They stare at the horse.

The bowler, just shrugs his shoulders, and bowls the ball toward wicket, when astonishingly, the horse hits the ball deep into the outfield.

The horse just stands there and does not move. The manager then yells at the cricket scout to tell the horse to run.

The scout looks back at the manager and yells back, "He can't run...If he could run, he'd be in the Grand national!"


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Clever Horse

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