At The Hair Salon

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Canary42 | 15:10 Wed 11th Aug 2021 | Jokes
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A gorgeous-looking woman went to the hair salon one day. As she was waiting for her turn she saw a really good looking man sitting quietly in the salon.

She got up and moved over to sit down next to him and said “My, you're just so good looking! How about after I’m done here, you and I get together and have some real private fun.”

“I’m married.” He replied.

“That’s O.K.” she said, “Just call your wife and tell her that you need to go and visit a friend who is in the hospital.”

“Tell her yourself, she the one doing your hair.”


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Ooh, that was a close shave.
Reminds me of when I had to disqualify a naval officer from a sailing race I was organising, 7 months pregnant. He was furious and yelled at me. He was reported to his boss for being rude to a lady and especially one in my condition and had to go up in front of the Admiral apparently. The following week I went for a dental check-up, my regular dentist wasn't available so I was seeing another one, my heart dropped when I walked in but he was so apologetic!

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At The Hair Salon

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