Zoo Time

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Canary42 | 00:55 Wed 14th Jul 2021 | Jokes
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For months a little boy (encouraged by his mother) pesters his father
to take him to the zoo. Eventually dad gives in and off they go.

When they get home the boys mother asks him if he had a good time.

"It was great," replies the boy "and daddy had lots
of fun too, especially when one of the animals came
home at 50-1."


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I went to the Greyhound racing once, at Powderhall in Edinburgh.

It wasn't very exciting.
I always backed the hare.
1.02..hasnt that gone to the dogs? Lol
A sure way of winning.

They are very fast mutts. :-)
Piggy - 1995. When I was still young.

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Zoo Time

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