Cornwall - Living Here - A Question....

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DTCwordfan | 19:00 Wed 28th Apr 2021 | Jokes
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It is sort of known that Cornwall officially is not a county but a Duchy.

Cornwall also has no capital
False or Truro?


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Not Truro. The Duchy does have a sort of capital. Dates back years as you well know.
I think it might be a joke, LJ, of sorts.
Of course it's false. Counties don't have capitals, just principal towns/cities.
Spice - I know but I thought it was worth ignoring.
I'm glad you ignored it or I wouldn't have seen your answers - is that right?
You shouldn't ignore people, that's bude.
For the same reason Wales is not a principality as the head of state is not a prince.
Well, it wasn't the funniest joke but at least it wasn't falmouthed like so many are nowadays.
Perhaps it should be Lost with all down a Mouse Hole.

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Cornwall - Living Here - A Question....

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