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DTCwordfan | 14:19 Sat 20th Mar 2021 | Jokes
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A County Durham woman opened her cupboard the other day and a heavy jar of Omega 3 supplements fell on her head.

Luckily she only suffered super fish oil injuries.


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She's a Wearsider then ( Durham) :0))))
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A Northumberland skeleton walks into a Durham bar...

Says to the landlady, "I'll have a pint of Brown and a mop, please."
Eeee, I don't get it DT, sorry :0(
Question Author
think where the beer ends up!
Eughhhh haha, not even made here now :0(
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My gf went to a hairdressers in Ashington and asked for a perm.......she said "rerses are red, violets are blue"
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What's the difference between a Bull terrier and a Warburton's thick slice?

Two different breeds.. ;)
Haha like them

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Northumberland Joke - One For Bobbixox

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