Not Quite What He Was Expecting.....

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EdmundD | 13:41 Sat 06th Feb 2021 | Jokes
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For some time John had been saying to his wife Katy that they should introduce anal sex into their marriage to add a little spice to things. Katy kept saying she wasn't that keen on the idea and she wished he would drop the idea.

Katy eventually relented and said she was willing to give it a try but if either of them didn't like it they wouldn't continue with it.

She told John to go upstairs and get undressed and wait while she got herself ready.

John waited upstairs on the bed, excited about this new aspect of their married life. He heard Katy coming up the stairs and watched as she came into the bedroom beautifully naked .........apart from the strap on she was wearing.......


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Not Quite What He Was Expecting.....

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