It's The Way I Tell Em

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Rondy | 13:45 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | Jokes
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The annual Cambridge v Oxford Boat Race will be only available via a stream from 2021

My wife said, "Did you know butterflies only live for one day?"

I said, "That's a myth."

She said, "No, it's definitely a butterfly!"

I'm really angry! This morning a huge German Shepherd did a huge poo on my front lawn...

To make matters worse, he had his dog with him at the time.

Went to an Eskimo restaurant and looked at the menu.

It consisted of whale meat, whale meat or whale meat.

I asked the waiter if there was anything else and he said 'we do have Vera Lynn?'

I said 'what's that?'

He said 'whale meat again!'



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It's The Way I Tell Em

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