Pet Shop In Amsterdam

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Canary42 | 23:56 Mon 12th Oct 2020 | Jokes
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A man walks into a pet shop in Amsterdam and says to the owner he'd like to buy a cat.

"Of course sir, we have lots of cats, what breed are you after? We have pedigree cats and mongrels".

"Pedigree cats? I didn't know there were any pedigree cats in Holland"

"Oh yes, we have for instance the Groningen Ginger, the Friesian Short Hair, the Delft Blue and many more. These are quite rare now though, because of cross-breeding and so on, and so pure breeds of this type are very much in demand and quite expensive".

"Hmmm", said the man, "Well I can't afford a real pure breed but I am keen on maintaining our national heritage as much as I can, so please tell me, how Dutch is that moggie in the window?"


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Love it!
Was trying to work out the punchline as I read throught the joke - wasn't expecting that!
Very good and very clever.
I love it too. Very good. :-)

......meanwhile in the Swedish chemist's

Spooner would be proud :-)
Excellent! :))

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Pet Shop In Amsterdam

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