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marval | 16:15 Sun 23rd Aug 2020 | Jokes
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A man was driving through the countryside when he happened upon a sprawling farm, covered as far as the eye could see in brightly coloured variants of peppers.

Astounded at the vastness and variety, the man turned up the driveway and made his way to the pepper stand where stood an older woman, presumably the farmer’s wife.

“Hello there!” said the farmer’s wife. “Do you want buy some peppers? We have got all kinds.”

She showed the man a number of different pepper variants, but only one caught his eye.

“Well, that is our famous ‘L’ Pepper. We grow these in a special type of soil that makes the pepper L-shaped. We don’t have them here, but my husband Pete is at the other farm where they are grown, and he can send them here in a matter of seconds!

The man was incredulous. “How can he have them here in seconds?”

The farmer’s wife pointed to a large pipe that seemed to stretch for miles. “It is a vacuum tube. We can pipe product back and forth in the blink of an eye.”

“I have got to see this,” said the man. “Order me a large pack of ‘L’ peppers please.”

The farmer’s wife picked up the radio and yelled into it.

“Peter pipe a big pack of picked L peppers.


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