Hints To Avoid Cabin Fever

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retrocop | 18:51 Fri 29th May 2020 | Jokes
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Please ABers. Keep yourself busy during these difficult times. It can be fun and lead to continued family harmony. After all we would not wish to be a Domestic Violence statistic.
So here is what I did earlier whilst my wife queued for hours outside Sainsburys today.
I converted her antique Louis 13th Coffee table into something practical and really useful.
I can't wait to see the tears of joy and happiness when she returns. No doubt she will give me a great big smacker. :-)


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I'm sure she'll lay you out nicely on it..
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She just got home. I didn't realise how many stars there were in the Galaxy. :-)
and that's before she started hitting you with the Mars Bar...
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The Milky Way comes next :-(

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Hints To Avoid Cabin Fever

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