My Mate's Just Rang Me In Tears.....

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AuntPollyGrey | 14:41 Thu 07th May 2020 | Jokes
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His wife has just left him, taken the whole of his Bob Marley collection...and the Sky Q box!

Poor basket...……

No Woman, No Sky !


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Like it !
Did she take his Bob Marley doughnuts too- the ones wi' jam in
what worse He just tried to play some of his music cassettes but they just kept Jammin'
there will be a mass exodus
tell him don't worry about a thing
Hope he's not Waiting in Vain for her to return them
when you said in tears was he wailing ?
He’ll have three little birds round in a bit.
Aww, did someone Stir it Up?..

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My Mate's Just Rang Me In Tears.....

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