Desert Tale

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Canary42 | 17:40 Sun 12th Jan 2020 | Jokes
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Two men lost in the desert, hours away from death, see a group of tents in the distance. Realising this may be their salvation, they stagger towards them.

Entering the first tent, one of them gasps at the Arab trader within: "water, water.."

The trader replies, "I'm sorry my friend, I've only got mixed fruit here, try next door."

So they enter the next tent, and the man gasps: "water, for the love of God."

The second trader replies, "I'm terribly sorry I've only got jelly. There might be water in the last tent, try there".

Reaching the last tent they crawl in. "Water, water" gasps the man. The trader, looking apologetic says, "I'm sorry I've only got custard here."

The men, now distraught, leave and stagger off into the desert. A little later, one man turns to the other and says, "Back there with those tents, that was a bit weird wasn't it."

The other bloke says, "Yes, it was a trifle bazaar."


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Was it on a Sundae ?
17:52 Sun 12th Jan 2020
A dessert in the desert!
I thought that you couldn't trifle with these Arab traders.
Was it on a Sundae ?
Sounds like they were fez-tival goers
A very in-tents joke
Topping joke! Lol..

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Desert Tale

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