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Spicerack | 10:45 Fri 20th Sep 2019 | Jokes
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Mickey was on his way to the zoo to deliver a consignment of monkeys when his van breaks down. The monkeys really needed to get to the zoo so Mickey calls his friend Paddy.

Mickey says: "Paddy, I'll give you £50 if you take these monkeys to the zoo for me."

Paddy replies: "Aye not a problem lad, I'll be right there."

So Paddy collects the monkeys and takes them to the zoo.

2 hours later and Mickey is still waiting for the breakdown service to arrive, when suddenly Paddy and the monkeys drive by on the motorway going the other way! So Mickey calls Paddy to find out what's going on.

Mickey asks: 'Oi! I thought I gave you £50 to take the monkeys to the zoo!'

Paddy replies: 'Aye and I did! But I had some money left over so I'm taking them to the cinema now'


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Ooh ooh ha ha ha!
16:37 Fri 20th Sep 2019
Gotta be a Ape ril fool joke.
Question Author
I just hope Spath doesn't see this one.
I never professed to profess at Oxford.
That made me laugh out loud !
Ooh ooh ha ha ha!
Lol !!
What a howler :-)
What a howler ...

Unbelievable, Prudie! I would have got there first but I got listening to that entire video ...
I don’t know what made me laugh more - the video or the joke!
That is a bit unbelievable Ellipsis as it's not a particularly well known monkey :-)
Blimey what a racket !!

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