A Warning

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marval | 19:05 Fri 26th Jul 2019 | Jokes
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A pharmaceutical company has developed a new drug.

When administered to women, it compels them to join a convent.

They have issued a warning though that it can be habit forming.


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Under orders?
A nun enters a convent where she’s not allowed to talk except for two words a year. After the first year, the Mother Superior says, “A year is up. What are your two words?” She replies, “Bed hard.”

Another year goes by and the Mother Superior says, “What are your two words?” The nun answers, “Very hungry.”

After a third year, the Mother Superior says, “Another year has passed. What are your two words?”

The nun says, “I quit.”

The Mother Superior says, “Good riddance! You’ve done nothing but complain since you got here!”
I bet they're still nun the wiser....
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A good one Buenchico.
Mother Superior announces to the nuns," I have to announce we have a new case of Chlamidya in the the Covent"
An elderly nun at the back of the gathering whispers to her neighbour,"Thank the Lord for that. It can't be worse than that Chardonnay we were drinking for the last week"
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HaHa Retro.

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A Warning

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