Reloading Willy

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-SharonA- | 15:08 Tue 04th Jun 2019 | Jokes
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Husband was sunbathing in the nude when he got sunburn on his Willy.
He went to the doctors who recommended bathing it in cold milk
His wife came home from work just as he was sitting there with his Willy in a cup of cold milk
'I always wondered how you refill those things!' Said his wife


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If this happened to me I would have to use a mug,
Not that I am bragging but a cup would be too small.:-)
Reminds m of a true account fom David Niven in his book,'The Moon's a Balloon'. He was skiing in Switzerland and negotiated a steep slope.Half way down he realised the fly of his ski suit was open and things were getting extremely frigid. He was helpless to remedy the situation until he either fell over or reached the bottom of the slope.
He was in great discomfort and adjusted his fly . When the ski instructor joined him Mr Niven told him he was in agony .
They repaired back to the ski hotel and,at the suggestion of the instructor he bought a double Brandy and went to the Gents where he dipped his frostbitten crown jewels into the glass.
A fellow guest walked in and exclaimed.,"Why Mr Niven. Whatever are you doing?" Mr Niven replied, "I always pee in my Brandy before I drink it"
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Lol jordyboy!! Hubby would have to use a pint sized beer glass!! ;-)

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Reloading Willy

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