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marval | 19:05 Thu 30th May 2019 | Jokes
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An X-ray specialist married one of his patients. Everybody wondered what he saw in her.

I went on a cookery show yesterday. They said, “You’ve got thirty minutes to rustle something up” So I popped out to the nearest farm and stole a sheep.

My Google search for a French Gaul Viking themed comic yielded no results. So I added an Asterix.

I have just been to see Postman Pat doing Stand Up. His material was a bit thin but the delivery was good.

I once went out with a man who worked in a seafood restaurant. Nice man but awfully clammy hands.

My partner and I were in bed the other night discussing our favourite rice dishes. I love pilau talk.

I came home the other night to find my husband in bed with a model. It has been two days now and there is still balsa wood stuck to the covers.

A man was arrested for breaking into a library. They threw the book at him.


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wow, that last poor guy must have got a heavy sentence

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