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marval | 17:02 Sun 19th May 2019 | Jokes
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My partner likes nothing more than to curl up with a good book. So I have bought him a copy of Advanced Contortionism.

I have just bought a new Wigwam, my partner says it looks just like one of our older Wigwams. I agree, it is very similar to a certain ex Tent.

When it comes to relationships I always envied Pierre and Marie Curie, I don’t know what it was, they just seemed to have this special chemistry going.

A fox has just killed all my chickens. I don’t know how I’m going to recoup my losses.

I got so drunk last night that someone put me in the recovery position. This morning I woke up on the back of an R.A.C. truck.

Some bloke asked me if I wanted to buy a sat nav for £5,000. I told him where to go.

I only ever watch movies made by a certain production company. It is so important to me, in fact it is paramount.

I regularly use mousse to style my hair. The big pile of leftover antlers is becoming a problem though.

I hate jokes about Vietnam. They really Hanoi me.

I have just been on one of those 1830’s holidays, It was really good, everyone was wearing cravats and riding penny farthings.


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Poor chickens. Maybe you can hunt the foxes down and hound them out of town.
Is your new wigwam outstanding in its field?
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It is Maggie, the trouble is there is no loo. So I have nowhere tepee.
Maybe you'll have to dump it unless there are some dockins nearby.
Those teepee's aren't an Apache on a bell tent.
Actually there were no penny farthings in 1830. They didn't appear until about 1870.

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