22 Senators Voted Against Abortion

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spathiphyllum | 13:13 Fri 17th May 2019 | Jokes
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22 Senators voted against including an exception for rape or incest in Alabama’s new draconian abortion law.

not one vagina yet 22 massive fanny’s


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More *** than fannies IMO
14:49 Fri 17th May 2019
//22 massive fanny's//

…..massive fanny's..... what?
massive fanny's handbag? massive fanny's big bottom?
What's the punch line Spath? I presume that there is one as you have posted this in 'Jokes'.
No doubt trying to protect all the unborn men about to be murdered by uncaring women.
Yes, all males, guaranteed never ever to be in a position to have to decide.
More *** than fannies IMO
bottoms then!!
// What's the punch line Spath?//

blimey - dan-boy nourished on Ab one liners like - what dat den? and other crushers - I liked Nigh's one to me : 'stupid man'
that he cant recognise a proper one when it er farts in his face !

[ erm that was kinda a long one liner]
// bottoms then!!//

yeah I thought bottoms would come up at some time

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22 Senators Voted Against Abortion

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