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spathiphyllum | 15:21 Wed 20th Feb 2019 | Jokes
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Me: I've got a sti any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

Mum: Honestly? What you got son?

Me: God knows, i've just noticed it there when i've looked in the mirror
Me: It's like a bruise but i only see it when my left eyes shut

Mum: Is it on your willy or your testicals? X

Me: Wit ya nonce it's under my eye lid


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A cite for sore eyes....
16:20 Wed 20th Feb 2019
I really don't get this 'joke'.
Question Author
The humour of how spelling is important via text
A cite for sore eyes....
Question Author
That was clever
??? Still don't get it.

Never mind. It's not important.
Stye in the eye (wasn't that an Alan Parsons Project song?) v STI (as in STD), Tilly
You’re not alone Tilly :/
Question Author
sti, sexually transmitted infection

std, sexually transmitted disease

stye, a hordeolum
Thank you, FF. Well explained.

I have only come across STD, not STI.
Question Author
It's probably a good job you 'don't get it'

I'd rather not have one either ;)
Question Author
one example of a disease, HIV. One example of an infection, pubic lice.
Give yourself a clap, Spath. :-)
Lol tilly!...
Question Author
haha :) Love it!

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