An Irate Neighbor...

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Chipchopper | 20:19 Wed 06th Feb 2019 | Jokes
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An angry neighbor came pounding on my door, shouting and screaming and asking me if I knew anything regarding the disappearance of clothing from her washing line.

I was so shook up by this tirade of fury that I almost shat her pants!


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Wouldn't want your reputation stained, would you?....
I suggest,to placate her,you invite her round for a BBQ as you have a new brazier to break in.
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No, Patsy.
Moonshine 'n washing line can spell trouble!
My wife is furious someone stole a pair of her knickers off the line she's not upset about the knickers it's the 14 pegs she's missing ;-)
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Yep Retro, a good placs to keep the spuds!
Were they tent pegs?
Didn't know you had married Queen Victoria, Splits......
I dare not say lol
Does it give you a frill??..
Oh, knickers!
That's it Tilly, keep it brief....
Sing a thong of sixpence a pocket full of rye.
That's stretching it Tone!

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An Irate Neighbor...

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