Aussie Sensitivity

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retrocop | 16:00 Fri 04th Jan 2019 | Jokes
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Three Aussie blokes working up on an outback mobile phone tower: Mongrel, Coot and Bluey.

As they start their descent, Coot slips, falls off the tower and is killed instantly..

As the ambulance takes the body away,

Bluey says, 'Well, *** me, someone's gotta go and tell Coot's wife.
Mongrel says, 'OK, I'm pretty good at that sensitive stuff, I'll do it.'

Two hours later, he comes back carrying a case of beer.
Bluey says, 'Where'd you get the grog, Mongrel?'
'Coot's wife gave it to me,' Mongrel replies.

'That's unbelievable, you told the Missus her husband was dead and she gave you a case of beer?'

'Well, not exactly', Mongrel says.

'When she answered the door, I said to her, "you must be Coot's widow."

She said, 'You must be mistaken. I'm not a widow.'

Then I said, ‘I'll betcha a case of beer you are...'

Aussies are good at that sensitive stuff.


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Good joke ..
18:49 Fri 04th Jan 2019
Bit racist, innit? ;-)
Question Author
Not if you choose not to look at it like that. :-)
I read it as a joke and found it funny.
"All men with a mother take two steps forward...Not you, Smith!"
When I first heard it they were Irish.
Not many Irishmen called bluey.
Just the one case??
One of my managers went on a 12 month secondment to Sydney and came back with an Aussie bride. When I asked her what made her marry a Brit she looked at me as if I were mad and said "Have you ever met any Australian men?"
Good joke ..

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Aussie Sensitivity

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