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BANANASPLITS | 14:32 Wed 07th Nov 2018 | Jokes
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One of the 7 dwarfs has been arrested for having an affair with a giraffe?
Apparently the other 6 put him up to it...


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I know I shouldn't laugh but .................
bet it wasn't grumpy ...

Heigh Ho ...
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I'm gonna stick my neck out here.....
Filthy low down bum.
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Should have used the window cleaners ladder
Up to no good then ....
You're 'avvin a giraffe, mate...
It was dark, the poor Giraffe didn't know that first he was grumpy then he was bashful, then he was happy...
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And after all that he was sleepy x
no doubt grateful he wasn't sneezy
The rest were feeling happy, it was his birthday.
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Lol zebo made a change from feeling grumpy
They all have their short comings..
Grumpy needs to see the Doc........
Mate of mine here in Trurra rear-ended a van last week.

The other driver got out and came across in a menacing manner, even though he was a midget.

He says "I'm not happy."

My mate replied, "Which one are you, then?"
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Hope ur m8 didn't talk down to him!
They wer miffed when the barman refused to serve shorts

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7 Dwarfs...

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