In The Pub.

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EDDIE51 | 00:15 Mon 04th Jun 2018 | Jokes
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I man goes up to the bar and orders a pint of Bitter. He takes one sip ,spits it out, shouts '***' slams down the glass and walks out. The next day he does exactly the same again . The third day and the landlord has had enough. As the man walks up to the bar the landlord looks at him and shouts ''*** off''
''Good'' replies the man ''Give me a Guiness ''


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^ swear censor made nonsense of that ,missing word starts with P and rhymes with Bliss.
Haha Eddie
Love it!
Patsy, that baby looks just like Nom's!
I P-A ?
His brother walked into the same bar next day, started drinking his pint ,
Landlord said looks like rain, customer said Tastes like it too.
After how many pints, chippy.
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The last landlord of my 'Local' (before it was sold to build a block of flats) was called I P Freshwater . I kid you not.
( Ian Peter Freshwater) He had a big cartoon drawing of him peeing into a beer barrel ,on the wall of the bar.
I recall being mortified when future OH, somewhat the worse for wear, was thrown out of a pub, a Leeds brewery, when he said to the landlord, I've drunk the p***, can I go and stroke the cow.
I went into my local and ordered a strong dark beer. I was waiting for ages, when all of a sudden the barman pops up and says, "Your stout" Annoyed, I replied, "You're not so slim your ruddy self!"
I told the landlord that his beer was like having sex in a boat.

"Hows that, he replied" ?.

Well, I said: "Its ****ing close to water"
often used to chuckle when a friend of mine from Pune, used ask for a Indian Pale Ale.

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In The Pub.

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