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marval | 19:00 Fri 09th Mar 2018 | Jokes
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I am starring in a new theatrical drama called ‘Sword’. It’s a play on words.

Twinings have recently developed a new erotic breakfast tea, Fifty Shades Of Earl Grey.

I have just sold a tin of kidney beans to my doctor for sixty pence. He says I have a really good pulse rate.

Race car designers are a boring bunch. I met a group of them at the pub and it was nothing but torque, torque, torque.

I’ve just seen a play about ‘Fly Fishing’. The cast was amazing.

I took my pet pig to the vet’s today. Turns out he has pulled a hamstring.

I saw a horse with a large pointed bone sticking out of its head. Maybe it’s a unique horn.

I was in the pub last night when my friend started doing card tricks to 5 pints of beer. I said to him, “Stop fooling a round.”

I walked into the pub and got a round of applause. Never heard of it before but it tasted alright.


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LOL to the lot
Good ones Marval!
I lost my job at the RBS bank on today – you may say that given it's RBS, I'm not surprised.

However, one of our few women clients in Cornwall asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over.
A fallen woman then DTC?...
definitely, but given her profession, I wasn't surprised.

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