How Big Do Women Like Them?

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marval | 16:21 Tue 24th May 2016 | Jokes
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Women's response to a survey on what size they liked.

2 inches - I can't even hold it.

3 inches - Never been so unsatisfied

4 inches- I've had bigger than it.

5 inches- Good, but I wish it was a bit bigger!

6 inches- perfect.

7 inches- Love it.

8 inches - Wow! but can't have it all.

9 inches - Painful but manageable.

10 inches- Too much pressure on stomach.

This survey was actually a Customer's Feedback on different sizes of Subway sandwiches.

But I love the way you think.
This is why I worry about you.


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That was a mouthful!
can you take it down?
I bet they don't like them crusty
What about the filling?...
Gherkin anyone?
How about a sausage roll?
Cheese ones are best.
Mine has nuts on it...

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How Big Do Women Like Them?

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