An Aussie Walks Into A...

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1ozzy | 03:40 Sat 07th Mar 2015 | Jokes
6 Answers in England wearing one flip-flop.
The bartender asks, "What happened, did you lose one?"
Smiling broadly the Aussie replies " Nah mate, just found one".

Q: What is the Australian animal that most resembles the Australian male?
A: The wombat, because he eats, roots, and leaves.

Q: Why do so many Australian men suffer premature ejaculation?
A: Because they have to rush back to the pub to tell their mates they scored!

Q: What is the difference between an Australian wedding and an Australian funeral?
A: One less drunk at the funeral


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Lol! Was he barefooted till he found a single flip-flop? ;-)
"Do you have a criminal record?" asks the Australian immigration officer.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that was still a requirement."
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Sounds about right Cupes ;-)
What is the Australian fro foreplay?
Hey Shelia you awake!
Looks like you are having a g'day, 1ozzy
Bruce decides to go back home to Melbourne so he calls Qantas Airlines to book his flight.

The operator asks him, 'How many people are flying with you?'
Bruce replies, 'Strewth mate, how would I know. It's your plane.'

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An Aussie Walks Into A...

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