Swingers Party (Not For Young Eyes!)

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davetuc | 10:12 Tue 10th Dec 2013 | Jokes
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A young man is doing the rounds at a swinger's party. He sneaks up behind an older lady and starts pleasuring her from behind. When he looks up, he realises the man at the other end of the spitroast is his dad. He says, "Dad, after 30 years of marriage, I can't believe you're being unfaithful to mum!"
"I'm not", says his dad!!!


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you're better off slagging manure off!! NOW that makes me laugh!
Question Author
Oh Bernie, it's all funny!!
Up the Arsenal.
So shagging your mother is funny?
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It's a joke, craft. Lighten up!

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Swingers Party (Not For Young Eyes!)

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