Night In With A Takeaway.......

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ELVIS68 | 21:04 Thu 31st Oct 2013 | Jokes
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Bottle of wine.... £6.99

Chinese Takeaway... £25.00

Missing a container in the takeaway....Riceless


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Never mind, you can chow mine....
I suppose a duck is out of the question?
7,9,12,16,17,21,24,26 - What's the odd one out?

12 - all the others come with rice.
Won Ton the Fukin Duck has Gong Bao as to your nice wice.
Ha Ha Have just had a Chinese takeaway, with rice though.
I had one earlier to, marval. No rice with mine either, Singapore Chow Mien.
Moi aussi - Chicken with cashew nuts in yellow bean sauce, special fried rice, vegetable chow mein and barbie ribs.

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Night In With A Takeaway.......

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