An English Lady Of Title

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manxbiker | 14:42 Wed 15th May 2013 | Jokes
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An English Lady of title having suffered a nervous breakdown was recommended to stay at a small German Town in the Mountains, so she sent her butler there to enquire about lodgings. On returning home he remembered he had omitted to ask about particulars of the WC, so she wrote to the Local School Master who had a little English.

The School Master having never seen these initials and did not know there meaning consulted the local Pastor, who also had a smattering of English, and they came to the conclusion that the Lady was a devout Church goer and wished to know the whereabouts of the Weld Chapel (Chapel in the Woods). So the following reply was sent.

Your Ladyship,
The W C is situated about 3 miles from your lodgings, in a fine Forrest midst lovely surroundings
It is open 4 Days a week Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
The Bell is sounded about half an hour before opening, the acoustics there being excellent even the most delicate sounds being audible.
I would be Happy to reserve the best for your Ladyship.
I Remain yours Etc

P.S. My wife and I have not been for several weeks it pains us very much


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An English Lady Of Title

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