Christmas Crackers (Jokes Round Up)

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AB Editor | 11:15 Mon 24th Dec 2012 | Jokes
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I thought it was time to round up a few of the "jokes" we've "enjoyed" recently here on the Jokes pages of AB. If you think your Christmas cracker jokes don't live up to expectations, then why not try these instead?:

Thanks For The Peanuts
The Myth Of Shopping Early For Christmas
Travelling At Christmas
Lies, Damm Lies & Even More Lies
Beware The Groan
Going Out For The End Of The World
Getting In Touch With Spirits
Father Christmas & The Recession


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What's the grammatical term for Santa's little helpers?
Subordinate Clauses
What is worse than Rudolf peeing on your roof ? Santa coming down your chimney .
Why didnt the skeleton go to the christmas dance?
Because he had no body to go with!
One snowman talking to another paused and said "can you smell carrots?"
Q. What's the Duke of Edinburgh's middle name?

A. of

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Christmas Crackers (Jokes Round Up)

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