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shooty | 23:19 Wed 07th Nov 2012 | Jokes
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An 83 year old British gentleman arrived in Paris by plane.

As he was fumbling in his bag for his passport a stern French lady asked if he had been to Paris before.

He admitted he had indeed been previously. The lady sarcastically said 'then you should know to have your passport out and waiting sir'.

The gentleman said 'I didn't have to show it last time I was here'.

Impossible!! The women said, you British have always had to show your passports to get into France.

The man responded by whispering, Well, when i came ashore the beach on D day in 1944, I couldn't find a French man to show my passport !!!

Wear your poppy with pride. : )


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Shooty, love it
Well said shooty.
Made me smile with pride shooty.
& i will certainly wear my poppy with pride, :)

Got mine today shooty well put
Will hopefully get one tomorrow, my local doesn't seem to be selling them this year. Love the story.
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not many 15 year olds took part in the D day landings
maybe not, but many 18 year olds did and never got any further..
and i will always wear my poppy with pride.
Question Author
Neither did I, But at 15, I listened to my Tutors. History is there for all to see and read about. I for one am grateful that it is and Respect all whom lost their lives to give us such benefits, Ie, documented literature and pictures of the atrocities that took place under the madman that is known as Hitler. Because it happened long ago, does not mean we should forget, But we should learn from our mistakes in the evolving world we live in.
Question Author
Good for you em10 : )
Well said shooty. I am 85 and you would have to be at least 87 to have taken part in D day landings, but still a good story. Just alter the age. I always wear my poppy with pride shooty because even being a young civilian during the war was not pleasant and many friends and family did not come back.
Question Author
Aha, I now see what rojash meant. Shame I didn't proof read first. Doh!!
The old gentleman visited Paris ten years ago.
indeed he did ^^
this one was 14, does that count
I think this story is at least 4 years old. So that should stop all you worrywarts fearing that he was too young to fight.
I thank all who fought for my freedom and I wear the poppy for them

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