BMW to add new safety equipment

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sunny-dave | 12:09 Sun 14th Oct 2012 | Jokes
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In a shock announcement BMW has revealed that it has reluctantly agreed to start fitting indicators to all its new vehicles.

"We can no longer resist the EU rules on this" a spokesman said, "We know that our loyal customer base do not want or need this change, but we have little choice in the matter".

It has now come to light that BMW have actually been test fitting the relevant mechanism to most of its cars since 1952 - but as yet there is no evidence that it actually works in 'on road' conditions.

The BMW spokesman added :

"Female BMW drivers may see if they have the relevant equipment fitted to their car by moving the 'handbag holder stalk' up or down and seeing if a strange clicking and flashing begins - the stalk may well be seized solid, so please apply pressure gently".

"Male BMW drivers should not under any circumstances attempt to use the mystery stalk - it will cause loss of all self importance and may make their penis shrivel up"


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Lol, i've got two stalks, I only know what one's for!
Cheers for that dave!

LOL, very good dave. I thought it was for hanging your takeaway of.
LOL LOL LOL I was wondering what the handle was for Sunny, its only taken me five years to find out lol, keep them coming.
Have they started to fit them in HGVs yet?
Surely you cant expect people to buy a BMW AND expect them to use the indicators!

Mind you they all know how to use the "flashers" when they park on the pavement so they dont have to walk more than 2 yards to the bank hole in the wall machine.

The also use the flashers when they park on double yellow lines as this tells the traffic warden they will only be a moment so they dont need to give them a ticket.
It gives you all the information in the handbook VHG
what is the mirror in the middle of the windscreen for? after all driver and passenger already have one in their sunshields.

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BMW to add new safety equipment

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