Medical daffynitions part 3

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chrisrob | 21:37 Mon 16th Apr 2012 | Jokes
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Ganglia - A very tall thin person
Genes - Blue denim slacks
Genital - Not Jewish
Genotype - The kind of girl Gino likes
GI tract: American soldiers' route march
Grippe - Suit case

Hangnail - Coat hook
Haemorrhoid - A male From outer space
Herpes - What women do in the Ladies Room
High Colonic - Jewish Religious holiday
Hippocampus - A medical school where even a hippo can pass
Hormones - What a prostitute does when she doesn't get paid

ICU - Peek-a-boo
Impotent - Distinguished, well-known
Inpatient - Tired of waiting
Intense pain -- Torture in a teepee
Intern - One after another
Intestine - Currently taking an exam

Jaundice: To include in a group

Kinaesthetics: Relationships among relatives

Labour Pain - Getting hurt at work


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I love these. Keep going chris. They really make me laugh out loud.
These are really good.

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Medical daffynitions part 3

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