He's behind You!!!

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Jemisa | 13:21 Tue 03rd Apr 2012 | Jokes
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. Due to a water shortage in Ireland , Dublin swimming baths have announced they are closing lanes 7 and 8.

I got a letter from Screw Fix Direct thanking me for my interest, but explaining they were not a dating agency...

The lead actor in the local Pantomime production of Aladdin was anally raped, by the gay genie on stage last night. be fair the audience did try to warn him.


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Oh dear.
Lol, Jem, keep em coming
Don't bent down when Jems around.
Naughty! But funny.
made I lol

LOL Jem. Just wondering if I should pass the last one to my gay friend??!
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Chrissa, WHAT? Whats up?

People on here know me & know there's no harm meant. We all laugh at ourselves sometime or other, whatever colour or creed.


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He's behind You!!!

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