For Sale: One Litre Of Petrol

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Philtaz | 15:22 Thu 29th Mar 2012 | Jokes
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Will exchange for two stamps or one Gregg's pasty.
Lol. Is that a hot or cold pasty?
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Lol Philtaz, would you accept payment by instalments ?
swap you for a liquorice torpedo
lol like it :-)

2sp, no, it's in an Auld's pie :-)
i reckon that you lot are avin a larf, or maybe not...
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Apparently there's a Diesel crisis too so I'm going to sell mine, I've got a pair of jeans, a watch and 3 t-shirts.
would that be van diesel...

there went a naked timeless Phil :-)
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I'd rather swap it for a live torpedo!

Everone knows liquorice is the devil's poo........

ok i have tootie fruties, maoms, jelly beans, fruit gums and a coffee loyalty card with one point on it
and a pink highlighter
There are presently no less than three anti 'pasty tax' e-petitions on the Government's website. See the first, second and fourth items here...

Please, ABers, sign them all. If enough people sign, I won't have to give up my Greggs steak bakes!!!
The way the price of petrol is going, you will only be able to afford it in 1 litre bottles from the supermarket soon.

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For Sale: One Litre Of Petrol

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