Repent O Scottish Sinner......

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jd_here | 21:13 Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Jokes
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There was a Scottish painter named Smokey Macgregor who was very interested in making a penny where he could, so he often thinned down his paint to make it go a wee bit further.

As it happened, he got away with this for some time, but eventually the Baptist Church decided to do a big restoration job on the outside of one of their biggest buildings.
Smokey put in a bid, and, because his price was so low, he got the job.

So he set about erecting the scaffolding and setting up the planks, and buying the paint and, yes, I am sorry to say, thinning it down with water...

Well, Smokey was up on the scaffolding, painting away, the job nearly completed, when suddenly there was a horrendous clap of thunder, the sky opened, and the rain poured down washing the thinned paint from all over the church and knocking Smokey clear off the scaffold to land on the lawn among the gravestones, surrounded by telltale puddles of the thinned and useless paint.

Smokey was no fool. He knew this was a judgment from the Almighty. So he got down on his knees and cried:

"Oh God, Oh God, forgive me; what should I do?"

And from the thunder, a mighty voice spoke..
(you're going to love this)

Repaint! Repaint! And thin no more!


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Awwww........feeling picked on?
Where is your famous Scottish sense of humour?
Ha ha. Very funny. Post us some more Scottish jokes!
Oh dear, that joke was bad beyond belief. Made me smile, tho.
Two taxis in collision in Aberdeen - 15 injured
I thought it was really funny jd. lol
Did he come all over with emulsion okay it dont matt er I gloss Im finished
I never thought He would have a lisp.
Question Author
Glad you all liked it....I did too, made me smile
Have heard it before, still made me smile
Love it... A play on words is aways refreshing

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Repent O Scottish Sinner......

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