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marval | 17:39 Sun 26th Feb 2012 | Jokes
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One day Mr. Bear and Mr. Rabbit are walking through the forest when they come across a genie in a bottle.

They rub the bottle and the genie appears, and seeing that there are two of them and the genie hasn't been rubbed up and down for a while he decides to do a special offer.

"3 wishes each, that's 6 in total boys, now who's first up. Mr.Bear?"
"OK" Mr. Bear replies, "Well I wish that all the bears in this forest were hot looking girl bears!"
The genie winks at Mr. Bear and grants his wish; he then turns to Mr. Rabbit.

"Well, in that case I wish I had a crash helmet" says Mr. Rabbit.
The genie grants this wish and asks Mr. Bear for his second wish.
"Well, I wish that all the bears in this country were hot looking girl bears who were hot for me!"
Aha! says the genie with a sly grin and a wink, your wish is granted.

"OK, well now I want a motor bike" says Mr. Rabbit. Mr. Bear looks at Mr. Rabbit in disgrace and then uses his final wish.

"Well seeing as how Mr. Rabbit keeps wasting wishes I could be using I’m going to make this one really count. I wish that all the bears in the world were sexy girl bears all for me, I want to be the only guy bear so I can have them all!"

The genie is pleased with this wish and gives Mr. Bear a nudge in the ribs.
"Your wish is granted Mr. Bear, you horny devil!"

Finally, Mr. Rabbit uses his final wish.

"Well, I wish Mr. Bear was gay!" and takes off as fast as he can on his motor bike!


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lol - but cruel.


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Sneaky Bunny

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