Christmas cracker jokes

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starone | 18:11 Sat 24th Dec 2011 | Jokes
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What's round and bad tempered?
A vicious circle.

Why didn't the skeleton go to the New Year's Eve party?
He had no body to go with.

What does the word minimum mean?
A very small mother.

Why was Santa's little helper feeling depressed?
He had low elf-esteem.

What do you call a penguin in the Sahara desert?

What do you call a blind dinosaur?
A doyouthinkhesawus

How do snowmen get around?
They ride an icicle.

What does Bob Marley say to his friends when he buys doughnuts?
Hope you like Jammin too.

What is an ig?
An igloo without a loo

What is Santa's favourite pizza?
One that's deep pan, crisp and even.


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have you just been on yahoo starbuckone ???? :-]
Question Author
No, my sister sends them to me. I expect she has been on yahoo, either that or I am on a long line of people sending these jokes round the world and back again.
What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?? Tinselitis....groan
Did you hear about the butcher who backed into the bacon slicer?

He got a little behnd with his orders.

How does an Eskimo build his house?

He glues it together.

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Christmas cracker jokes

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