I was Gobsmacked - I went into Poundland

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DTCwordfan | 14:10 Mon 14th Nov 2011 | Jokes
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I went into Poundland here in Truro this morning - firstly to use their ATM.

Imagine my surprise when the machine only spat out a £1 coin after I put in my request for funds.

On the receipt was written "The maximum for anything in this is store is £1"

Oh well...


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Duh! That's a fruit machine.
I'd check there wasn't a £1.50 withdrawal fee
whats an ATM?
Automatic Teller Machine, otherwise known as a Cashpoint or Hole in the wall.
Poundland is good..............sometimes !!
Just being a bit pedantic here but a Cashpoint is an Automated Teller Machine(ATM) but an ATM is not necessarily a Cashpoint as Cashpoint is a registered trademark belonging to the Lloyds Banking Group.
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A Lloyds banker or customer amongst our midst!
"amongst our midst" ???
Ex - Both I'm afraid
I thought the rhyming slang was "Swiss", not "Lloyds". Oh, I don't know though.
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Swiss or pi-ss-ed?
Oh dear oh dear, DT ............... a Poundland in Truro? When I was growing up ing Falmouth, the big deal was when M&S came to Truro ...... but a Poundland? ................... there goes the neighbourhood ;o)
I don't get the joke?
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in the Old Woollies, The Builder, next to the City Hall.......

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I was Gobsmacked - I went into Poundland

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