Drunk Driving - Old Joke

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Fanriffic | 20:37 Tue 28th Jun 2011 | Jokes
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This bloke was telling his mate about his night-out.
Bloke: So after two pints the wife decided she wanted to go home. So we got into the car knowing I shouldn’t be driving but we just wanted to get home. On the way I noticed the car was nearly out of petrol so I pulled into the nearest garage and filled the car up with petrol but some petrol spilled out of the nozzle and the wind blew it onto my shirt sleeve. At the time I never thought much of it, so I went and paid for the petrol and got the wife some cigarettes.
Heading home the wife lights up one of her fags and rolls down the window to flick the ash out but the wind catches it and blows it back in the window and it lands on my arm and it sets my sleeve on fire. So I rolled down my window in such a panic and stuck my arm out to fan the flames out. Then I noticed the Police behind me with their sirens and blue lights going. They pulled me over and asked me to get out of the car. What a night. Never again, it’s not worth it.
Mate: What Happened? Did they do you for drunk driving?
Bloke: No, possession of a firearm.

The old ones are the best :)


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I see there is no "arm" in telling this joke!
LOL! I though this is a serious matter. I was just planning to help. :D

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Drunk Driving - Old Joke

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