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ChuckFickens | 15:55 Tue 24th May 2011 | Jokes
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A man phones a mental hospital and asks the receptionist if there is currently anybody in Room 17.
She goes and checks, and comes back to the phone, telling him that the room is vacant.
“thank god,” says the man. “That means I must have really escaped.”


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very good - I will use that - goes with the

Two inmates in the ward lounge.

Inmate One, "That clock on the wall, is it right?"

Inmate Two, "Yes, I think so."

Inmate One, "Well, then it shouldn't be in here."
when we see you place a joke, then we would have a better appreciation of your comment.

Meanwhile, its free to take a nap.
Two metal patient from the same hospital were trying to escape. One says to the other "I'll shine this torch at the top of the wall and you climb up the lightbeam".
"No Way" said the other, "knowing you, you'll switch the torch off when I'm halfway up and I'll fall on my @rse"
Hey wildwood , I take it they were robocop and
metal mickey
I thought the clock joke was very funny
I got the clock joke after reading it a 'few' times.

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