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sidkid | 19:08 Wed 18th May 2011 | Jokes
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The US woman who injected her 8 yr old daughter with Botox to enhance her appearance for beauty pageants has lost custody of her.

The child didn't look surprised..........


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I saw that programme, I felt it was just Wrong.
I first thought it was a joke. It appears that one or two 'mums' will not stop at anything for those beauty pageants.

It makes you wonder what type of business would support and finance these child abuse functions.
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Note to self....must try harder.....only one in three actually gets the joke......!!
It's up to 50% now.
lol lol naughty boy.............
v good sidkid !
Like it.
this has been outed as a setup...the woman was paid by british tabloids - docs confirmed no botox in the childs face

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