Tell me it's not true - is Enron the movie coming out soon

01:00 Thu 21st Mar 2002 |

asks Dogbreath:
Oh yes, you haven't heard the last of this one. According to Variety, the trade paper of the film industry, there are currently four separate film ventures to record the multi-billion pound collapse of the energy company, but there may be more.

Q. What's the attraction
It's a great story - full of subterfuge and corruption, villains and heroes, death and drama. It's not every day that Hollywood gets handed a tale like that.

Q. What about the love interest
Well, when the Enron scandal first broke, there wasn't enough of the usual fiom formula of drama or love interest for movie-makers to take it seriously. It was all about suit jobs in corporate land - pretty dull stuff for cinema audiences.

However, everything was spiced up by the suicide of former Enron vice-chairman J Clifford Baxter in January. At 43, we was a millionaire who'd recently retired.

The love interest come from the women involved, who seemed to be the only ones to question what was going on in the company.

Q. Can we expect an Erin Brockovich-type movie
A. Very likely. One of the films is likely to be based on the story of Jan Avery, a former accountant with Enron. She spotted that something wasn't right in the accounts department as long ago as 1993. Her first job with the company was to justify a loss on the books of $142m, and , like Erin Brockovich, she is a single mother.

And a forthcoming book, Power Failure by Mimi Swartz, has as a hero the whistle-blower and Enron executive Sherron Watkins.

Q. Will all the films have women as heroes
No, not all. Linda Lay, wife of Enron's chairman and chief executive and friend of George W Bush, famously made a broadcast saying that her husband didn't know anything about what was happening at Enron, and they had lost everything - everything, that it, except a few pay-offs totalling $40 million.

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By Sheena Miller

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